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The Cause & Knowledge are two artists from New Jupiter (New Jersey). They came together and released “I Used To Dream”. This music video got people’s attention and shortly after they released their first project together, Jersey Shore EP. With their debut album Discovery available now, they are more eager than ever to be as creative as possible and speak their minds. This song is featured on Strangers with Hip Hop volume 1 mixtape. Here is the new track…….check it out……

Beats Music Creates Documentary On Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’..SEE THE FULL LENGTH HERE…

Beats Music, now owned by Apple, has created a documentary to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Do The Right Thing, a Brooklyn-based film created by Spike Lee. The 22-minute short features Spike Lee and Danny Aiello revisiting some of the original spots where the movie was shot, contrasted by shots from the film itself.

It also delves into some behind the scenes information on the building of the set and the creation of the movie, revisiting many of the actors who starred in the film and getting details on the making of the movie from the original crew.

Check it Out…..

Veteran actor “Robin Williams” found dead of suspected suicided!

robin williams mrs doubt

Rest In Peace to highly talented Robin Williams!

The latest collection of T-Shirts featuring Russian President “Vladimir Putin”, flying off the store shelves!


Hollywood actor “Mickey Rourke” is running with trend of wearing his shirts. Guess he’s trying to get a new movie role in a Russian film co starring his Russian girlfriend.

Hey, whatever works!

Eli Mac – “Dub Stop” (Hawaiian Reggae Heat)!!!

eli mac

eli mac 2

Big Tune!!!!

K Camp – “Blessing”

k camp 2

Very nice track!

Marijuana activist claims he’s behind Brooklyn Bridge’s white flags…

The Rev. Bud Green told the Daily News on Thursday that he thought it was funny the move was interpreted as a terrorism risk.



A marijuana activist says he’s the one who smoked Brooklyn Bridge security by plotting the swap of the American flags on both towers with white ones.

The Rev. Bud Green claimed responsibility for the July 22 deed on his website.


Green, 49, called the Daily News on Thursday to say that the flag replacement was actually the first part of what was to be a two-part strategy, with another set of banners going up later. But the increased NYPD surveillance on the bridge put a kibosh on a second switch.

“It was interesting that nobody knew what to make of it,” Green said. “It was interesting that people took it as a terror risk. We believe in nonviolent civil disobedience. The government has everybody scared s——s. Was Martin Luther King Jr. a terrorist? Was Abbie Hoffman a terrorist? The government is trying to silence people.”

Green, who’s based in Southern California, said he’s the founder of the POT Party — People Opposing Tyranny — which is pro-marijuana and anti-government.

He said “people in New York” contacted him after he posted a “Pledge of No Allegiance” anti-government screed on his website July 4.

The front page of the New York Daily News on July 23, one day after the swap.
The front page of the New York Daily News on July 23, one day after the swap.
He came up with the idea of swapping out the American flags. Green said the men who actually did the job are “professionals” and that he doesn’t know their names.

“The people who contacted me are big Obama supporters and they’re disappointed in him. He fed the military-industrial complex,” Green said.

Green identified himself as a former producer for the “Jerry Springer Show” and a marijuana activist since the 1980s.

Asked to verify his involvement in the plot, he replied, “You look at my history and you’ll see I’m telling the truth. I didn’t personally do it, but it was my idea. I believe in being showy and being political. You have to make a spectacle of yourself.”

He also noted he is the only person who actually has claimed responsibility for the stunt.

Was Martin Luther King Jr. a terrorist? Was Abbie Hoffman a terrorist? The government is trying to silence people.
He said the white flags were symbolic in several respects.

“It keeps people wondering what they were about. It stands for peace. It stands for surrender. It would make people think about what’s going in. Also the wars. Our solution to the wars is for people to smoke weed and chill out.”

The plan was to follow up the white flags at a later date with two more flags, a large green marijuana leaf on a white background and the words “Don’t Tread on Me” and a second banner with a General Electric logo covered with a Nazi swastika with bombs and guns in the background. He said he picked GE because it owns NBC and he wants to draw attention to large corporations owning the media.

“The government, the media, they control the flag and that flag is bull–t,” he said. “It doesn’t stand for freedom. It stands for tyranny.”

The placement of two bleached-white flags where two U.S. flags were supposed to be proudly waving above the bridge’s two 276-foot towers was front-page news.

Africa’s (Nigeria) iconic son/ musical genius ….”FELA KUTI”, deep interview!


Shout out to everyone who have been touched by his open heart and wanted to make a difference!

Shout out to the African Massive!

Convenience store clerk SERVES robbers with his MMA fighting skills!! THANKS FOR SHOPPING PUNK… COME AGAIN!!!


Guy looks like a character off of Street Fighter that can beat up Ryu or Ken!!!

DMX gets SCARED STRAIGHT on a the “Sling Shot” ride at a amusement park!! Super Hilarious!!!!