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Offical Video: I Feel You – Chris Rivers Ft. Jose V

dtailed films Danny Garcia

“The Bill Cosby Show 2014″ part 1: by comedian “Aries Spears”! [Hilarious]!

bill cosby

Shout out to Aries Spears for his hilarious comedy!

“The Bill Cosby 2014″ show part 2: by comedian “Aries Spears”!!! [Pudding Pop Stalker]

bill cosby

Aries Spears is hilarious!

“Queen Of The Ring” rap battle: “Ms Queen” vs “Nina Cruzae”!

battle ladies

Shout out to Babs Bunny & Vague!

KOTD battle rap: “Bigg K” vs “B Magic”

bigg k

Shout out to K.O.T.D., Bigg K and B Magic!

Why are “Honey Bee’s” disappearing/ dying and how does it affect……YOU?? [MUST WATCH]!


If bee’s are dying/ not healthy in which they are not pollenating the fruits/ vegetables we feed off of…….then WHAT ARE WE EATING OFF OF NOW????

This affects YOU on a huge level!

Why are many farmers being ran off their land?
Why are many farmers being ran out of business?
Who/ what companies are running farmers off their land and or out of business and why?

Small things taken for granted which will show on your grandkids due to GMO [Genetically Modified Foods] foods they consume in the future.

Be concerned!

How To Spot….Liars!!!



Stereo H- Uncrowned King (Music Video)

Check out the new video from Bronx,NY rapper Stereo H aka Hashim Bing,as he pays tribute to men and boys killed by violence at the hands of the police.Filmed in Staten Island,NY where Eric Garner died at the hands of a NYPD officer.

Houston, Texas college woman shot in her head while driving by Police deputy “Kenneth Caplan” because of….ROAD RAGE when he cut her off!! OUT OF CONTROL!!!


This is out of control on such a higher level!!

Uncle Murda ft Maino- “Hands Up”!

uncle murda