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After doing a “Nicki Minaj” tribute at award show…Did Miami vet rapper Trina fall from the “Baddest B!tch”…to the “Average B!tch”??

Just saw a “Tribute For Nicki Minaj” at an award show. I dont listen to much of her music but I felt that is still nice for her to be praised up for her accomplishments from an upcoming young lady rapping. She has done some things through out entertainment so like I said…its nice.

I was looking for the little upcoming girl rapping and I didnt see her.. Instead of a little girl praising Nicki Minaj it was….


HUH (Scooby Doo voice/face)????????

Didnt know whether to feel happy that Trina finally hits the stage to perform (even though its NOT her song) or to feel sadden at a veteran Miami rapper who hit an all time low to where she gotta praise up a fairly new artist just so that she can get another chance at shine.
I mean…its cool to show your respects and all. Dont get me wrong. But to dress up like Nicki Minaj, wear wigs like her and try to talk like her which is almost a clone of Lil Kim in which you were out with over a decade ago (probably while Nicki Minaj was in elementary school) seems like you hit an extreme rock bottom or you want back into that famous drug called…. #TheIndustry!
You good Trina…she and others should have been doing you. You were always know as the #BaddestBtch! Guess as time goes on…the Baddest B!tch….becomes the Average B!tch are what some people are saying!
Wonder how  Trick Daddy feels??


  1. Thank you for your article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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