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Artist Creates Unique ‘Eye-Paintings’ By Squirting Paint Out From His Eye

Unlike his fellow artistsLeandro Granato doesn’t use a paint brush to create his masterpieces. Instead, he uses his eye to paint… literally.

Granato has a unique talent—he snorts watercolor through his nose and squirts the paint onto a canvas to create his art.

He attributes his ‘eye for art’ to a “special connection” between his eyes and nose. “As I grew up I started realizing air and liquids could go out of my eye if I put them through my nose,” said Granato. “Now I am the inventor of a new painting style in the art world.”

To ensure that his ‘eye-painting’ doesn’t hurt his vision, Granato spent two years developing a “special formula of paint”.

According to the Daily Mail, Granato’s works can take up to “10 minutes to months to create” and they sell for up to 1,500-British pounds each.

Disgusting or innovative? We’ll leave you to decide.

[via Daily Mail]


  1. I would love to see you do this with black light paint

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