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SEE IT: Fish Caught By Destroyed Nuclear Plant In Japan Has 2,500 Times The Legal Limit Of Radiation


A fish caught nearby the Fukushima nuclear plant was found to have over 2,500 the legal limit of radiation for seafood, deeming it inedible.

The company Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) caught the fish, dubbed “Mike the Murasai” online, in the bay close to the Fukukshima Daiichi main reactor.

The fish was confirmed to have 254,000 becquerels per kilogram, or 2,540 times the limit of 100 becquerels/kg set for seafood by the government.

Scientists are worried that other fish in the area are eating contaminated species, spreading the radiation throughout the ocean’s ecosystem.


Despite the high levels of radiation, the murasoi specimen did not show any abnormalities in its physical experience.


Article Credit: elitedaily.com

Photo Credit: WORLD •  




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