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Brooklyn Girls Fight Club [Trailer]!! Women fighting in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY for money and pride in a “Undisclosed Controlled Enviorment”!! WOW!!!

brooklyn girls fight club

Honestly….when I first saw this documentary I initially felt like…”THIS IS KINDA HORRIBLE”!

But, I gained much RESPECT for it due to the fact that it was in a CONTROLLED SETTING (referee/ rules/ no members jumping in). Like this was no different than a regular boxing match that is publicized all over TV with the glitz and glamour. I saw how some women shook hands after showing good sportsmanship or rather “Sporstwomenship (lol). The women wore Mixed Martial Arts gloves which reduces scarring on the face and disfigurement. Women even made some money off of it to take care of their bills, family, etc JUST LIKE ATHLETES ON TV AND IN VEGAS!!

If people had disputes on the streets, it could be handled in the ring which can possible lower the crime rate outside if these women can release their frustrations in a CONTROLLED SETTING to where nobody leaves with a bullet in their head, seriously hurt and or just dead altogether!

I think alot of men (or males) can take a page out of the book of these women on how to settle their problems instead of just running for weapons first which is the faster way to jail (longer sentence) and death.

Now I might not agree with everything in this documentary (cursing in front of the kids, mixed priorities, etc). But I can DEFINITELY agree with ways on lowering the crime rate and tension in neighborhoods.

Women going in harder then men!

Shout out to the film crew on this documentary!

girls fight club cover


  1. Just don’t understand it just to get paid
    , find a damn job and clean up the community. That’s my response just ridiculous

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