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Planned Parenthood Uses Partial-Birth Abortions to Sell Baby Parts??? WOW!!! [Watch them clinics]!!!!


So you pay for an abortion

Then they make MASSIVE amounts of money off the deceased fetus/ embryo/ etc…..

Without YOU knowing!!!!


Did Birdman and Cash Money throw drinks at Lil Wayne during performance?? [Wheres the love???]


They just need to kiss and make up!

Mother drives daughter from Maryland to NY for “Booty Injections”, then daughter dies from procedures,,,,,now mother makes a “Go Fund Me” page for funeral??!!

booty girl

I wonder how the girl father and or family feel about the mother escorting her to a “Death Pit” in a basement just to have a bigger butt which materialistic people would look at then leave after a while??

Truth be told….it doesnt keep the person your with or want!!

Love yourself!!!

Rapper/ singer “Akon” gives “LIGHT” to Africa!!!



Fox news veteran anchor “Bill O’Reilly” accused of…. “Domestic Violence” of mother of his kids! The…”DAUGHTER” claims Billy went to TOWN on the mother!! WOW!!!


The …..“O’Reilly Factor”!!!

Official Trailer for AMY: Amy Winehouse Documentary 2015

CHINX interview and performance at Summer Jam 2014



Jay Z will be taking stage in NYC on May 13, 2015

Jay Z will be taking stage in NYC on May 13, 2015 for a special concert. The TiDAL exclusive event entitled B-SIDES is intended for fans to get a rare showcasing of his album cuts and the best “B-sides” of his career. The special concert doesn’t have an exact venue yet, but will be exclusively streamed on the TiDAL app if you’re a subscriber of the service. www.Tidal.com

Legendary soul singer “Percy Sledge” (hit song…”When A Man Loves A Woman”) passes away!


Sing In Piece!!

Reality star “Tiffany Pollard” aka “New York” huge botched horrible breast job on TV show “Botched”!