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Celebrity radio personality “Big Boy” from “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Power 106 FM in Los Angelos, California leaving and being sued from Emmis communication! WOW!! [That guy is like the heart of the city]!!

big boy

West coast radio personality Big Boy is trying to leave his homestead Power 106.1 but its parent company, Emmis Communications, isn’t having it.

Big Boy has been with Emmis over two decades but his contract will be ending soon. Emmis said they would be more than happy to renew it but it turns out that Big Boy wants to jump ship and work for their competitor, iHeartMedia.

While hosting his Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show, he was reportedly making $1.45 million a year and received bonuses and a car, but iHeartMedia is offering to pay him $3.5 million and spoil him with more perks, including access to a private jet. Emmis matched their offer in efforts to keep him, but Big told them that he’s leaving anyway.

Emmis is now taking this matter to the courts and has asked a judge for an order to prevent Big Boy from leaving. They are also suing him for $5 million.


2 weeks ago

God knows I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
Real talk. I MEAN IT! When I can speak, I will speak to YOU. I’m crushed and I do care for you guys.Y’all have shown me so much love and I respect throughout the years. We have grown together. Many of you were there when my Mom died, when my babies were born, my marriage, my FAT days, my health scare, just everything. We have laughed and cried together. My LOVE for you isn’t just words or ratings. This is bigger than a radio logo. You’re my Family. I NEED y’all to survive and be happy. I’m hurt.
I’ll be able to tell the real….soon.
God bless you all.
#FamilyFirst #Respect #ToLoveMeYouDontHaveToHateThem

Source by:

Tanay Hudson (@NYStateOfMind2)

Alot of these radio stations are dropping the personalities that kept them afloat (even if it was barely).
Alot more changes are coming…..REAL SOON!!!

Shout out to you Tanay & All Hip Hop

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