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Chicago south side park shooting leaving 13 shot including a 3 year old boy shot in the face!!

little boy shot

On the evening of Sept 19, 2013 in a basketball court on the south side of Chicago, IL. 13 people were shot with a high powered assault weapon. Among those 13 shot was a 3 year old boy who was shot in the face. The 3 year old boy and two park kids are in critical yet stable condition. Miraculously there are no deaths from THIS shooting!

So that means theres over 300 Homicides and over 1700 shootings in Chicago, IL. and we still got 1/4 of a year to finish out 2013!!

Who is the mayor for Chicago?

Who is the police commissioner for Chicago?

Where is President Barack Obama hometown?

What are they gonna do about it?

Is this a PRIORITY for them?

I know some music people felt like something was wrong with me cause I didnt care to give too much attention to Kendrick Lamar on that verse he had on the song “Control“. Why worry so much on “King Of New York” while young men, women and children are becoming extinct in Chicago. There is NOTHING great to brag and rap about your hood that doesnt allow kids to play and just be kids without an extreme chance of being shot dead!

Yall still wanna go to Syria and fight battles even though your own house is on fire huh??

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