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Archives for September 2013

Caught with Porn:Clear Cookies-Key & Peele(Comedy Skit)

Exclusive video as gunmen takeover Kenya’s Westgate Mall

Chicago south side park shooting leaving 13 shot including a 3 year old boy shot in the face!!

little boy shot

On the evening of Sept 19, 2013 in a basketball court on the south side of Chicago, IL. 13 people were shot with a high powered assault weapon. Among those 13 shot was a 3 year old boy who was shot in the face. The 3 year old boy and two park kids are in critical yet stable condition. Miraculously there are no deaths from THIS shooting!

So that means theres over 300 Homicides and over 1700 shootings in Chicago, IL. and we still got 1/4 of a year to finish out 2013!!

Who is the mayor for Chicago?

Who is the police commissioner for Chicago?

Where is President Barack Obama hometown?

What are they gonna do about it?

Is this a PRIORITY for them?

I know some music people felt like something was wrong with me cause I didnt care to give too much attention to Kendrick Lamar on that verse he had on the song “Control“. Why worry so much on “King Of New York” while young men, women and children are becoming extinct in Chicago. There is NOTHING great to brag and rap about your hood that doesnt allow kids to play and just be kids without an extreme chance of being shot dead!

Yall still wanna go to Syria and fight battles even though your own house is on fire huh??

YMCMB president “Mack Maine” turns himself into the Oklahoma City police for “allegedly” sexually assaulting a woman and breaking the jaw of another woman while on the “Americas Most Wanted” tour!!!


During the “Americas Most Wanted” music tour featuring T.I., 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and a few others back in August 22, 2013 two females (Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox) were invited on the tour bus of the artists by YMCMB president “Mack Maine”.

While on the tour bus one of the females claimed that Mack Maine groped her sexual body parts without her consent and proceeded to sexually assaulted her. Her friend which was the other female ended up with Mack Maine punching her in the face breaking her jaw leaving her now with her jaw wired shut!

Of course all these accusations are “alleged” so now this will most likely go to trial (if they settle) and can get very ugly!

YMCMB president “Mack Maine” turned himself into the Oklahoma City, OK sheriff’s Office on Fri September 20, 13.
Mack Maine is facing the following FELONY charges:

Sexual Assault charge(s)

Sexual Assault & Battery Charge(s)

With charges like this, being a rapper like that…. Whether he did it or not, its not looking good either way!

“DJ Mr. Cee” from Hot97 NYC radio does a PSA -“SEXUAL FREEDOM”

Mister Cee

How do you feel about this?


Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.26.03 AM

This week, police in Xi’an province reported that they had found and seized more than 22 tons of fake beef at a local factory. Get this: the “beef” was actually made from pork (which is considerably cheaper than beef) that had been treated with chemicals including paraffin wax and industrial salts to make it look like it came from a cow. Shanghiist reports that the factory sold more than 1,500 kilos (3,000 pounds) of the fake beef to local markets at around 25 to 33 yuan ($4 or $5) per kilo. Six workshops that were producing the fake beef have been discovered and shut down.

This isn’t the first instance of fake meat being sold in China. In May of this year,Medical Daily reported that 904 people were arrested in China for “meat-related offenses” over three months at the beginning of 2013. Included in these arrests was one gang of meat crooks who made over 10 million yuan ($1.6 million) by selling rat, fox, and mink meat at markets. This makes us wonder what impostor foods we might be eating, which in turn makes us very, very uncomfortable.

Article Credit: firstwefeast.com

Confirmed: Apple iPhone 5s Fingerprint Database To Be Shared With NSA

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.12.08 AM

Tech-heads are eager to get their hands on the new Apple iPhone 5S next month and evidently Apple feels the same. This is due to the fact that their latest model comes equipped with fingerprint recognition technologyas an added security feature.

Privacy has become a major concern in today’s technologically dominated society. Individuals keeping up with all the latest gadgets also run the risk of becoming exposed to unresolved bugs that could leave the user open to breeches in their personal security.

Apple’s official spokespeople have maintained a vague stance on the potential of sharing their fingerprint database with the NSA. Fortunately, after hours of phone calls I was finally able to speak with an employe that could answer some of my questions.

“Absolutely the databases will be merged. This whole ‘fingerprint scan’ idea originated from someone in our Government. They just didn’t expect to be outed by Snowden, you know.” Said Tim Richardson, District Manager of Apple’s North America Marketing Department. He went onto explain that the NSA and FBI have been compiling a special database for over a year now to use with the new Apple technology. Fingerprints from all over the nation. Cold cases. Fugitives of the law. Missing persons.

The Apple iPhone 5s has back-up power so the device never completely shuts down. Coupled with the phone’s built-in GPS these features will allow police officers to pin-point the criminal so they can be detained quickly and efficiently. Officials expect to apprehend hundreds of suspects within the first months or so of the act.

When asked for a response to individual’s concerns about privacy Mr. Richardson told us:

“Frankly, if a person is foolish enough to allow something as specific and criminally implicit as their fingerprints to be cataloged by faceless corporations and Government officials… Well, you can’t exactly blame us for capitalizing upon it, can you? Personally, I believe this effort will support a greater good. Some of the folks they’re hoping to apprehend are quite dangerous. Besides, it’s not like this is covered in the Constitution.”

Richardson was indeed correct in his latter statement; We looked over the Constitution and couldn’t find a single mention of using fingerprints against a public that willfully submitted them.

While Apple and the NSA may be completely within their rights to use information volunteered by it’s customers, some consumers are sour over the idea.

“I’m old. I’m not good at remembering passwords.” Said one Apple user we spoke with. “I like the idea of easily being able to unlock my Apple device with a fingerprint. But I also shouldn’t have to worry about being tied to a string of murders I commuted in the 70′s… That’s not America and that’s not freedom…”

Programers have been working day and nights to have the Apple 5S ready for its release in late September. They claim the software is 90% accurate and while there are still some technical issues to iron out, they believe it’s unlikely any mishaps will occur.”

Article Credit:nationalreport.net

New Hand Written Statement To The Media from Jailed DanceHall Artist Vybz Kartel

Riddimstream kartel scan1Riddimstream kartel scan2

Before I begin to talk about the real issues as to why the police are taking a set on me. I must first say that the Jamaican police are the worst inefficient set of police in the world. Who say they act on intelligence when it is completely the opposite . If roach was killed on Mannings hill road Sunday morning. What kind of intelligence could have led the police to horizon remand centre Sunday at mid day, I have never spoken to roach or anyone associated with him nor do I have any altercation with him. I was laying on my bed on Sunday at about midday when I heard my cell door shaking. It was the police without giving me a reason for the search about to be conducted. They ask me to step out of my cell. During the search a hammer was used to tear apart a section of the wall between my cell and a cell occupied by “zebra”. They took two cell phones out of the wall which was immediately claimed by “zebra” as his cell phones. A subsequent search on Monday led to the officers finding a SIM card from said zebra. In the initial search on Sunday the police and a high ranking officer from the department of corrections asked “Shawn storm” and myself if we had a permit for the D.V.D & mp3 to which we replied yes and furnished the documents. We immediately got back the items. On Monday they came back (the police) and told us that they were going to check out the items but we should have our lawyers called them back. This was relayed to us by the woman from M.I.T in that instant , a police called “brooks” took a paper from cell containing instructions …. Instructions to one of my banks saying that I hereby authorize my baby mother to withdraw five thousand pound sterling. Which would then be given to my lawyer for his stamp. G.P Spanish Town , Tamarind Farm, Richmond Farm, and Horizon are institutions where hundreds of inmates accused & sentenced, have permits for various gadgets such as DVD MP3 etc and I like the others have a permit. This is not the first time the police have told lies on me since I’ve been here and like the last time when four cell phones were “found in my cell”, I will be contacting INDECOM . Because mi tired a dem police ya . Police!!! Come off mi back now!! And for once , GO DO REAL POLICE WORK!! Unuh come in like a crosses inna mi life! Mi nuh member bout roach and mi nuh remember bout unuh, A. Palmer.
P.S everybody in the streets knows what took place in the “PARTY” between roach and “DEM” so all a who a use dem police friend to try frame me, remember this….. Unfair game play twice.



E-Z PASS tracking NEW YORKERS? Watch This….

VIDEO: Government Whistleblower Exposes Hip Hop Conspiracy featuring Michael Jackson’s final phone call.

Micheal Jackson’s final phone call before the eve of his death