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Archives for November 2013

The “Radio Boys” (C. Truth & Kev Lawrence) interview behind the scenes entertainment/ entrepreneur mogul “Mr. Mike Concepcion” on “Thermal Soundwaves Radio”!!

Mr. Concepcion

The Radio Boys (Kev Lawrence, C.Truth) spoke with the elusive OG Mr. Michael Concepcion. Mike expressed himself with passion on: starting the Crips gang to combat the KKK, seeing gang life get out of hand, putting together the song “We’re all in the same gang” to help cease violence in Nickerson Gardens & Jordan Downs, managing Teddy Riley, breaking the Chronic record on radio, his involvement on building Interscope, helping Bobby Brown & Ralph Tresvant get out of a sticky situation, how you really control a neighborhood, his connection to Kendrick Lamar as well as T.D.E, wanting Ving Rhames to play him in his life story, working with actor Michael Douglas on his label, helping Warren Beatty with the film Bullworth, respect for Treach of Naughty by Nature, his upcoming book “The stupid gangster,” the effect his mom’s passing had on him, helping keep the peace between 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, regrets he’s had in life, producing Kirk Franklin’s “Stomp”, upcoming TV/Film projects, building a school for kids and much more. Give your ears some entertainment. Then log on to: http://www.thermalsoundwaves.com for what’s to come in the future. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav

radio boys

Sun logo


Then log onto www.THERMALSOUNDWAVES.PODOMATIC.com for more!!!

“The Natural Alternative To Fast Food Radio”!!

The GREATEST and FASTEST knockout EVER!!! Lol

he sleep


Shout out to the crew of 4YALLENTERTAINMENT.COM

“My Man”!!! Jamaican puppet woman calls up mistress of cheating husband!! HILARIOUS!

my man


Shout out to all my Jamaicans and West Indians!

Shout out to Banks Exposure/ byzr Productions!

2 brothers awaiting ASSAULT charges to be dropped from fight CAUSED by 2 Detroit cops racially profiling/ “Stop & Frisk”!! CRAZY!!

brothers vs cops

Crazy how they claim the cops used APPROPRIATE FORCE!!

This is something you really gotta file law suits all the way to the top!

Is it the fault of EVIL police guys like this and or their EVIL instructors that train them to do so??

NY Rapper “Maino” calls up Atlanta rapper “Trinidad James” and puts that good old “NEW YORK PRESSURE” on him!!!!!


Looks like NY rapper Maino had to record that call to Trinidad James to RESPECT NYC and get that APOLOGY ready due to his NY rant weeks ago or else its gonna be some real problems!

Alot of back tracking and a way cooler Trinidad James other than before!

“Welcome to my city… emphasis on my city”!!!

Long Island City (Queens) NYC historic graffiti outdoor visual art MECCA site “5 POINTZ” facing demolition within months!!


The battle is on for the preservation of the graffiti outdoor visual art MECCA site to keep from facing demolition from the buildings owner(s).

Since 1993, “5-Pointz” has been the BIGGEST and only LEGAL aerosol paint graffiti spot in the world located in Long Island City (Queens) NYC where artist from all over the world come to to express their classic artwork and skills.

Now, early 2014 the building owner(s) are deciding to to tear it down and put up 2 condo buildings in order to grow along with todays real estate economy. The owner(s) owned it since the 1970’s and never really gave permission for graffiti work to be on it, but never stressed it because there was never really a crime situation there, attracted many people from all over the world to work there, tourism and culture.

Sad days are coming for all graffiti and arts & culture lovers from all around the world!

How do you feel about this?
Do you feel the owner(s) are wrong for what they are about to do or not?

Music Video:Kanye West ft. Charlie Wilson – Bound2

kanye and kim
Kanye and Kim ride out..


INDIE FEST correct

Video Music Box’s executive producer Ralph McDaniels and Gton Prod. have
created the “TURNT UP INDIE MUSIC FESTIVAL” for up & coming music artist from the all over to be showcased in Nassau County.

“TURNT UP” is a opportunity for local Long Island artist to host an event in there home town for the rest of the world to experience .

It also a chance for artist from around the world to perform on the Island.

In the spirit of so many successful Long Island artist we hope to find the next big thing and get it “TURNT UP”.

TURNT UP” highlights will air on Video Music Box on WNYC TV Ch.25 & VIDEOMUSICBOX.TV

Ralph McDaniels say’s,”These artist through there music,style and words have the chance to change the world and that’s exciting”.

R.I.P. ODB (Nov.15th 1968 – Nov.13th 2004) Check the visuals


Young Guru demonstrates Google Glass

young guruYoung Guru,acclaimed DJ, producer and audio engineer who has helped shape the sound of music legends including Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Beyoncé. Join him as he explores the Los Angeles soundscape on the hunt for inspiration to create a new track via Google Glass