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Archives for December 2013

Female (“Ashley Depew”) gets caught in her LIE about “Black Guys” in St. Louis, MO beating her up due the “Knock Out Game”! It was really her…BOYFRIEND that beat her up!!! Charges being made on her!

knock out game liar

So little Ms. Ashley Depew got the whole city on her side in the beginning AND probably even stirred up racial tensions in not just St. Louis, MO but throughout the world virally after putting the pic up of herself in the hospital claiming to need reconstructive facial surgery due to being attacked by….“Black Guys” for reason of this…“Knock Out Game” thing that people love to use as a default term which is really just being attacked….IF EVEN SO!

Come to find out it was her…BOYFRIEND that gave her that “Iron Mike Tyson Special”!

Hmm… Wonder if shes related to the woman who blamed…“Black Guys” for stealing her car and kids and drowning them in a lake years ago which was an INSANE lie as well??

Sad thing that there are REAL people who are getting attacked or such and have to prove such things and at times get no justice and may be looked upon as liars now due to Ashley Depew. Even the bar her and her boyfriend were at are getting backlash like they have weirdos attacking people at their establishment which steers customers away in fear of getting attacked. So that bars business can hurt now because of this whole incident that was really a lie.

Can you really feel sorry for a female like this?

Should she go to jail?

Were there any young black men that were harassed and or beaten by cops or such that night due to this lie??

What do YOU think??

New Mexico police officer “Elias Montoya”, FIRED from his job after SHOOTING at a mini van full of…KIDS!!! See the whole story!

cop fired

After a very weird traffic stop in New Mexico on Oct 28, 2013, it seemed like a mother and her 5 kids driving in a mini van was going to get a speeding ticket from one officer that pulled them over. The officer did tell the mother to turn off her engine and sit tight. Whether the mother heard him say that or not since he was on the opposite side of where most cops are that stop you and dont let you go is something that she WILL have to answer to!

She takes off and the cop stops her again and gives her…“THE BUSINESS” (in which you cant really be mad at him for doing so)!

Did it have to go down like that at all…. ehh… I dont really think so. BUT…. the officer doesnt seem in the wrong..FOR NOW!!

Then all hell broke loose in which the near end result leads to back up officer “Elias Montoya” sending SEVERAL SHOTS INTO AN UN-ARMED MINIVAN FULL OF KIDS!!! WTF???

elias montoya fired


Was a shot even needed especially if there are no shots fired back or even in the beginning from the minivan?

Do you think the ex officer Elias Montoya should have been fired?

Do you think disciplinary actions should be taken upon the other officers for bashing out the windows of kids?

Do you think the mother should be charged and if so, what charge?

New York City Board of Health approves MANDATORY flu shots for kids


NEW YORK (WABC) — New York City will soon require young children who go to preschool or day care to get flu shots.


The Board of Health voted Wednesday in favor of the mandatory vaccine for children under 6.

Health officials say the measure will save lives. And Dr. Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control, says the measure could keep as many as 20,000 city kids from getting sick.

The initiative takes effect in 30 days. The vaccine will be required for about 150,000 children.

Parents may opt out for medical and religious reasons.


“We estimate that 10 to 25,000 kids won’t suffer the flu because of that vaccine . For every 100 kids under the age of 5, 40 of them will get sick in any year from the flu,” said Dr. Jay Varma, Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control for New York City.

City health officials say it will protect children and slow the spread of the virus in the entire community. Similar mandates are already in place for children in New Jersey and Connecticut.

“We already require children be vaccinated against measles, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox and this is really adding one vaccine- one we know is important,” adds Dr. Varma.

Adding one more to the list of required vaccines has some parents angry.

“It takes away informed consent from parents and the ability of parents to make the decision as to what may be the best health choice for their family,” said Kim Mack Rosenberg, who is the mother of an autistic child.

“The Bloomberg administration hasn’t demonstrated that it’s meant the burden it needs to enforce a mandate like this. There’s no general public emergency and there’s no imminent threat to the public,” she said.

Dr. Varma says, “The argument that we don’t have legal authority or that the process was flawed is incorrect. There’s a clear and established process to establish rules like this, where public can comment.”

During the public comment period, the city received 249 letters opposing the proposed law, but if finalized the flu vaccine would be required for children as of December 31, 2014.



Lupe Fiasco – Old School Love ft. Ed Sheeran [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


New Talib Kweli – Favela Love (feat. Seu Jorge)

talib kwelihttps:

V.Cha$e – 5 Star Hotel ft. Kid Art

Video Music Box Artist Spotlight-The Almighty Thor Pt.1

Thor Pic Rapper
Artist Spotlight The Almighty Thor(His real name is Thor?) His pops was a comic book head.He brings a different twist on music and creating Music Videos.

Video Music Box Classic-Artists United Against Apartheid – Sun City

Nelson Mandela on Day After Release

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

Epic speech on Feb 11, 1990 in Cape Town South Africa from Nelson Mandela (rest in paradise)!

Nelson Mandela on Day After Release

Rest In Paradise!

Woman pays for “Butt Implants” from a “Certified Doctor” and ends up with…….. (see for yourself)!!

butt implants

Do you still want to get them implants???