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Archives for January 2014

DJ Roli Rho of the 5th Platoon and Introbass Productions returns to the DMC DJ Competition this Saturday

roli rho2

2 Time Vibe World Dominance Champion (98 & 99)

DMC 95 / 97 / 99

ITF 1998 East Coast Beat Juggling Champion,

ITF 1998 2nd Place Beat Juggling,

1997 105.9 Champion,

NY 1995 Zulu Champion

Rhythm Method 1995 Champion



Activist/ great folk singer AND…GHOSTWRITING ICON…”Pete Seeger” dies at 94 of natural causes! You know his music one way or another!!!!!

Pete seeger

Activist/ great folk singer AND…..Ghostwriting ICON!

This dude wrote hits for generations!!

Rest in paradise sir!

Is actor Vin Diesel bored or on some type of “MEDICATIONS”???? WTF?

vin diesel



The artist (also known as) “PRINCE” sues FACEBOOK users/ fans for…PIRACY!! PRINCE DONT PLAY!!!

Prince pic


Charges may be dropped but…. can still be brought back up WHEVER HE wants to bring it back up!

Prince attorneys will bring that “Purple Reign” and serve them pancakes!!!

UW Battle Rap League presents: “Loaded Lux” vs “Hollow Da Don”!!! Who do YOU think won???

lux vs don

Who do YOU think won???


EuroNews cameraman gets beaten CRAZY and head cracked open by… Ukrainian police for filming riots in Kiev! Europe is on FIRE!!

cameraman in kiev

These dudes are handing out COMA’S like Turkeys on Thanksgiving!!! WOW!

I know movies show you a different light of Europe. But this is REAL life events going on in Europe which we should all be concerned about!

Prayers and blessings go out to the people of the Ukraine!

Kansas man charged with “CHILD SUPPORT” even though he was a ……”SPERM DONOR”!!! WTF????

sperm donor

I thought the whole meaning behind processes like this was for DONATING???

Thus….“Sperm Donor”!!!

So now the child will grow up and see online that he/she was a ..“Donation” and will always know who the…“Donor” was knowing that he doesnt care about he/she at all, but would have never have known all this crazy mess if he/she two..”Moms” would have kept it like the contract stated!

Lets not be surprised if the child grows up with serious mental and emotional issues due to her dumb azz moms and kids/ adults making fun of he/she. Feel sorry for this child in school!
Not ALL adults should be PARENTS!

Dennis Rodman pissed off with CNN about going to North Korea for basketball [paradoy] by comedian Mike Epps! Hilarious

Mike Epps


Shout out to Mike Epps!


Beats Music Vision launches

beats music


Inventor of AK-47 rifle “Mikhail Kalashnikov” dies at 94



Couple of weeks past by and not that many people even noticed are probably were not even informed. But this man invented something that is STILL prominent to this day!

If you appreciate “protection” and the right to bear arms in what Mikhail Kalashnikov stood for (initially)….then you should be informed about this man who changed the WORLD!

As a designer/ manufacturer of the AK-47 (Assault Kalashnikov1947),you gotta appreciate his durable and everlasting invention.

Sad he never really saw any money off his invention since he did it for his country not knowing that it would sell everywhere!

The Lord Of War!