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Archives for February 2014

High suspicions on the death of married man “Alfred Wright” in Jasper, Texas! Foul play and law enforcement believed to be involved!!!


Something aint right at all!!!

Do you need to “Cop Proof” your cell phones??? [ Much need info ]

cell phone ev

So people can go really go into your mobile phone/ device and just open up everything on you??

Might be best if people start going back to the old ways and storing info…..IN THEIR HEADS!!!

Loaded Lux – “You’ll Never Win”!

lux pic

Great visuals AND music!!

NY Detective says……. “DONT TALK TO COPS”!!!!! Must see and pass on!!

Carlton DT

If YOU know better…YOU do better!!!

Big shout out to “TruthSquad“!!

Jamal Scott Arrested For Murder Of Mazaradi Fox

mazaradi fox.1jpeg

Jamal Scott named as suspect in Mazaradi Fox shooting, charged with second-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder and felony assault.

Over a month after G-Unit affiliate Mazaradi Fox was shot and killed in Queens, police have revealed that they do have a suspect in custody.

The suspect, 35-year-old Jamal Scott, was charged with second-degree murder and four counts of attempted murder and felony assault.

In addition to allegedly shooting and killing Mazaradi, real name Jamal Green, Scott also injured three other individuals who were in the SUV he targeted during the January 3 shooting.

Scott reportedly drove up to the SUV Mazaradi was seated in while in a dark Hyundai Sedan, clad in a ski mask and all black attire.

Henny – Wait for you ( Official Video )


Crackpipe Vending Machines debuts in Vancouver


Well, we never thought we’d see this coming.

There’s been some odd items put in vending machines before, but crackpipes definitely take the cake.

A vending machine located in downtown Vancouver has become the first to sell crackpipes, but their reasoning doesn’t seem too illogical, since it’s to try and help decrease the spread of HIV and hepatitis.

The Director of DURC stated:

‘For us this was about increasing access to safer inhalation supplies in Downtown Eastside,’

Apparently the pipes that the machine sells are a lot less likely to cut the mouths of the users, which will make it harder for diseases to spread.

The crackpipes are being sold at 25 cents a piece, and is apparently overseen by popular safe drug injecting website, Insite.

Apparently, every new HIV or hepatitis case can cost taxpayers up to $250,000 in treatment, so they see the 25 cents per pipe as much more reasonable.



article: Global Grind



Slim Thug ft Boston George & Beat King – “FLEX 4EVER”!!

slim thug

Shout out to Texas and the mid south west!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s children in legal battles over father’s “BIBLE” being auctioned and more!!!


Even Harry Belafonte was trying to get piece of that pie too huh?

Nobody does it worse than family though!!