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Archives for March 2014

Kendrick Lamar performs at ITunes Festival @SXSW

kendrick lamar
KDot SXSW by YardieGoals

Oklahoma husband/ father “restrained” to DEATH by police outside movie theater trying to break up argument with wife & daughter! WOW!!

ok police killing

ok police killing 2

You can even see the Moore, OK police officer in khaki fatigue pants tapping the man SEVERAL TIMES praying for Luis Rodriguez to respond.
His body language is SCREAMING like….”OH SH!T“!!

The wife Nair Rodriguez (who was recording) is gonna have mental problems…BUT the DAUGHTER is gonna be messed up for the rest of her long life!!

May need suicide watch due to possible feelings of blame/ guilt!

Over a family argument at the movie theater this is the end result!

Texas man “Larry Davis” passed all DWI physical exams AND blew “0.00” on the breathalyzer, yet STILL arrested for DWI! WTF???

larry davis

This was probably the most calm person I ever seen having to go through this. Passed everything, blew nothing and STILL gets arrested for DWI??

I wonder if he REALLY was locked up for his name being…“LARRY DAVIS”!

That name sounds very very familiar!

Napoleon Da Legend – “African In New York”


Shout out to the Napoleon Da Legend aka “Po”, the AFRICAN MASSIVE and everyone just looking for a better life!!

Great track and video!

Wonder what it would take to get Napoleon Da Legend, ShineHead, Wyclef & STING to do this all together??


Shout out to Life, C. Truth, Cyril, Crazy Al Cayne, Team EveryThang and crew!!

SEE IT: First Medical Marijuana Commercial Debuts on Major TV Network

The future is now! Back to the Future HUVR Board is OFFICIALLY here! SEE THE VIDEO…