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Archives for June 2014

Joell Ortiz-House Slippers(Music Video)


Turnt Up Music and Fashion Festival Thursday August 21st Register Now!


Carmelo Anthony has opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks

New York Knicks v Brooklyn Nets
Carmelo Anthony has opted out of his contract with the New York Knicks to become an unrestricted free agent. The 30-year-old small forward was set to make $23.3 million for the final year of his contract, but could be taking his talents elsewhere for a smaller contract.

Melo now envisions himself winning a championship, as the New York Knicks are in a rebuilding process. With new management, coaching and the lack of NBA Draft picks they have until the 2017 season – he sees viable winning options with either the Chicago Bulls or Houston Rockets. This is now ahead of Monday’s midnight deadline, where he had until tomorrow to inform Knicks management plans whether to opt-in or pursue free agency.

Voice of “Shaggy” on cartoon “Scooby-Doo” and media legend Casey Kasem dies!! [R.I.P. the ICON]!!!


Rest In Peace to the man who was the voice of Shaggy for the cartoon “Scooby Doo”, radio legend AND TV personality legend bring America’s Top 10 countdown!!

Multi Media Legend!!!

Can FaceBook track AND store your……. “UN-POSTED THOUGHTS”??? MUST SEE!!!!


Wonder if it will post 10 seconds from now what I want to type…….now????

Shout out to RT

“Lite Feet” dancing on trains in NYC subway! TALENTED!!!!


These young adults are more talented than what many people even know! Always entertaining the people coming from a hard days of work or school on the train. Not fighting or being negative. Just positive and entertaining kids respecting dance!

Got the whole world going nuts and silently been the templates of what many artists commercially get their dance moves from!

Respect to EVERYONE that be getting….“LITE”!!

AG The Voice Of Harlem, Tone- Wop, DJ Webstar, Chrrybaby, Waffle & Syrup, Harlem Shakers
and much much more!!

Apologies to the ones I may have missed. See you in the trains, parks or the streets!!

“Dont Get Mad….Get Lite”!


NYC veteran radio personality “Angie Martinez” RESIGNS from WQHT HOT 97 and goes to the rival radio station.. POWER 105.1FM!!!! WOW!!!


Do you feel Angie Martinez is right to make the move??

Do you think she is disloyal??

Do you even think she is not giving room for aspiring radio personalities to grow and get positions in radio in which they trained for and or spent thousands of dollars in school tuition, graduated and STILL cant find a job??

Is this the EXTREME nail in the coffin for HOT 97 FM??

Theres ALOT of things being shaken up in NY radio AND syndicated markets!!


Pasco County, Florida family in gets robbed and beat up in a home invasion, call 911….THEN GET TRANSFERED TO VOICEMAIL!!!! WTF????


Moral of the story……


Flava Flav needs to bring back out that classic song….. “911 IS A JOKE”!!!!!

Fabolous – “Playa” video [Soul Tape 3 mixtape]


We here at Video Music Box are proud to see the growth of Fabolous!

Musical artist are SUPPOSED to grow and develop into possible legends. This is what Fabolous is on the path of.

No gimmicks, fake controversy, etc. Just straight heat!!

Napoleon Da Legend – “Dancing In The Rain”!!

napoleon da leg


Shout out to Napoleon Da Legend, Crazy Al Cayne, C. Truth, DJ Bazaro and Team EveryThang!!!