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Archives for August 2014

Krazy Drayz of DASEFx ft. Smif & Wessun-RUDEBOY

Krazy Drays

Don’t Blame Hip Hop by Hasan Salaam

hassan salaamHasan Salaam

Blaming Hip-Hop for the problems in and out of our community is some real Stockholm syndrome shit. We are not to blame for the systematic attacks on our people. Long before Kool Herc spun at a party or the world heard Rappers Delight the police we killing us in cold blood. From Camden to Watts and Chicago to New Orleans there have been countless cases of police terrorism and lynchings in this country over the past 500 years. Wearing a SnapBack doesn’t give the police a right to harass and beat you, same as Trayvon wearing a hoodie shouldn’t give predators like Zimmerman a pass to kill a child. The true problem is that this country built it self and still feeds itself off of Black Death. Hip-Hop music was not there when slaves attempting to escape were tied to horses and quartered in front of the entire plantation to strike fear in men, women and children. The music was not there when Emmett Till was snatched from his bed or when the freedom riders were attacked by the side of the road. Rap music didn’t assassinate our leaders based on COINTELPRO documents and the eradication of a possible Black Messiah, the FBI did that. Hip-Hop didn’t create crack cocaine and flood it into Black & Brown neighborhoods, the CIA did that. Blaming our music ignores the fact that this is nothing new, it has been updated to suit the times but it’s nothing but Jim Crow 2.0. Hip-Hop is not the problem, in fact it has been a powerful tool to spread the truth about the injustices committed against us here in America since it’s inception. The system attempts to co-opt it based on the power it has. Hip-Hop is has spread all over the world and appealed to all as a music of the counter culture, a buck back at the system and a rise against oppression. The spirit of our culture is as brave as the Spirituals we sung on the plantation laden with hidden messages leading us from bondage. It’s as genius as Jazz and the flatted 5th’s we played from memory and improvisation while the society that danced to it wouldn’t allow itself believe we had the mental capacity to compose it. Rock & Roll, Doo-Wop, Soul, R&B, House, Go-Go, Hip-Hop and every other musical form we have created in America has been a powerful tool in our fight for Freedom, Justice and Equality.
Use it.

-Hasan Salaam
No Justice No Peace

Brooklyn Girls Fight Club [Trailer]!! Women fighting in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY for money and pride in a “Undisclosed Controlled Enviorment”!! WOW!!!

brooklyn girls fight club

Honestly….when I first saw this documentary I initially felt like…”THIS IS KINDA HORRIBLE”!

But, I gained much RESPECT for it due to the fact that it was in a CONTROLLED SETTING (referee/ rules/ no members jumping in). Like this was no different than a regular boxing match that is publicized all over TV with the glitz and glamour. I saw how some women shook hands after showing good sportsmanship or rather “Sporstwomenship (lol). The women wore Mixed Martial Arts gloves which reduces scarring on the face and disfigurement. Women even made some money off of it to take care of their bills, family, etc JUST LIKE ATHLETES ON TV AND IN VEGAS!!

If people had disputes on the streets, it could be handled in the ring which can possible lower the crime rate outside if these women can release their frustrations in a CONTROLLED SETTING to where nobody leaves with a bullet in their head, seriously hurt and or just dead altogether!

I think alot of men (or males) can take a page out of the book of these women on how to settle their problems instead of just running for weapons first which is the faster way to jail (longer sentence) and death.

Now I might not agree with everything in this documentary (cursing in front of the kids, mixed priorities, etc). But I can DEFINITELY agree with ways on lowering the crime rate and tension in neighborhoods.

Women going in harder then men!

Shout out to the film crew on this documentary!

girls fight club cover

Hip Hop artist “Talib Kweli” holds his ground against CNN anchor “Don Lemon” trying to cut him off during interview over the killing of Mike Brown media coverage in Ferguson, Missouri live on CNN. Put Don Lemon in his place for real!!!

don lemon talib kweli

Don Lemon called him…..”HA-LIB KWELI“! Ha ha…

Sometimes people just gotta get CHECKED!!

Officer “Darren Wilson” (guy that killed “Mike Brown” in Ferguson, Missouri) has supporters rally for him in the streets blaming the media for bias coverage. How do you feel??

darren wilson

How do you feel about this?

Do you feel all those gun shots (especially to the head) were needed?

Do you feel it was racial motivated?

Do you feel that Darren Wilson really just made a mistake off of adrenaline??

Do you feel that Darren Wilson intended to kill Mike Brown?

Do you feel that these supporters are really sticking up for the Police Department in whole rather that Darren Wilson?

Sean Conn – “Work Smarter Not Harder”!!!! [New Music]

sean conn

Tuff track!!

Shout out to Sean Conn, TriBoro and Kwan Lee</strong> on the track!

Mac Lucci ft Snoop Dogg – “Funny Ho*s”!

mac lucci

Shout out to Built 2 Ball/ DoggyStyle Records team!


Industry mogul “Suge Knight” shot in night club……..AGAIN!!!! At VMA event with Chris Brown!

suge knight shot

With all these type of extreme security, cameras, ID card checking, etc, etc…. How does a gun still manage to get in a Hollywood club with a “A-List” guest list with everyone knowing everyone and such???


If you were to get hurt at an event like that with Chris Brown, MTV and such a high end night club like that….it would be a VERY BIG PAY DAY FOR A LAWSUIT!!

Not saying things may have been manufactured or such. But hey…in Hollywood….ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!


The Cause & Knowledge are two artists from New Jupiter (New Jersey). They came together and released “I Used To Dream”. This music video got people’s attention and shortly after they released their first project together, Jersey Shore EP. With their debut album Discovery available now, they are more eager than ever to be as creative as possible and speak their minds. This song is featured on Strangers with Hip Hop volume 1 mixtape. Here is the new track…….check it out……

Beats Music Creates Documentary On Spike Lee’s ‘Do the Right Thing’..SEE THE FULL LENGTH HERE…

Beats Music, now owned by Apple, has created a documentary to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Do The Right Thing, a Brooklyn-based film created by Spike Lee. The 22-minute short features Spike Lee and Danny Aiello revisiting some of the original spots where the movie was shot, contrasted by shots from the film itself.

It also delves into some behind the scenes information on the building of the set and the creation of the movie, revisiting many of the actors who starred in the film and getting details on the making of the movie from the original crew.

Check it Out…..