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Archives for September 2014

Bunji Garlin – “Carnival Tabanca” [Biggest SOCA song 2014]


This is a BIG TUNE!!!!!!!

Might be ranked as one of the Soca classics even though it just came out.

Shout out to ALL the Soca lovers, West Indians, West Indian music lovers and good people worldwide!


Rowdy Rebel ft Bobby Shmurda – “Computers”!!!

rowdy rebel

Keeping up their energy!

His hat flew away and never came back…….AGAIN!!!

Sinead Harnett ft. Snake Hips – “No Other Way”!!! [Beautiful Melo R&B Music]


Shout out to Snake Hips on the production.

Just Beautiful Melo Relaxing Music!!!!

Bet you didnt even know some stores are selling you……FAKE CONDOMS!!!!! Guess where they are coming from???MUST WATCH!!!


Maybe this explains why some men be on Maury Povich show swearing the child is not theirs until it really is, while leaving the man confused??

Maybe this is the reason why some women get serious vaginal allergic reactions leaving extremely confused about their hygiene and self confidence??

Maybe this is also in connection some people becoming infertile due to whatever mystery substances used to make these FAKE condoms??

All of these FAKE condoms are distributed globally by underground markets of China.

Wonder if the Chinese govt will imprison these horrible people……or tell them to do a better job of covering up??

Buy your condoms and or encourage people you love to buy their condoms from MAJOR CORPORATE STORES (Rite Aid, Duane Reade, Wallgreens, etc)!! That way if you catch a FAKE condom….SUE THEM TO THE MAX AND MAKE IT GO PUBLIC! They got much to lose so they will most like have to sell you real condoms to avoid major lawsuits. Most small stores wont care or just switch up on you!

Be safe people!

Casino files $9.6M Lawsuit against poker pro “Phil Ivey” for alleged cheating since he won and out gamed them!! WOW!!


These casino companies meet their match with a Poker/ Gambling super pro so now they wanna sue for some money back??
These casino’s will feed you free liquor, change the temperature in the room, have women walk around with breasts and ass popping out to try to hypnotize you so you can spend your children medical money and leave you flat on the street with an addiction that would make a crackhead feel like your a loser!

So when you smarten up and get focused enough to study moves, numbers and more…they want to claim that you got over on the system….THATS SUPPOSED TO GET OVER ON YOU!!!

Shout out to Phil Ivey for cracking the code like a movie!!

Jess Glynne – “Right Here”!!!! [UK Dance/ House music heat]

jess glynne

Also look up the REMIX version by Ben Dooks!!!

Shout out to the entire UK, Europe and everywhere around the world that loves Dance/ House music!!!

Ever wondered where Michael Jackson got the… “MOONWALK” dance from and or its origin??? Watch & learn from the great… “Bill Bailey”!!


Both the way older version and the last version are both great!

Shout out to ALL of the ORIGINATORS!!!

Rest In Peace to them both!

Mr. Killa – “Rolly Polly”!! [Soca music] [For all my big girls and big girl lovers out there] Lol

Mr killa

Shout out to all my big girls and my big girl lovers out there!!!

This guy be going in crazy at the clubs and concerts!!!!

Shout out to the island of GRENADA!!!