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Archives for November 2014

Industry veteran Doug Young talks Death Row records, origin of East Coast vs West Coast beef , the BRUTAL “Beats By Dre” beating Dr. Dre gave Ms. Dee Barnes from the TV show “Pump It Up” and more with the “Radio Boys” on “Thermal Soundwaves Radio”!!

Doug Young
Radio Boys in Compton

Radio Boys LTMFTv hats


Stories get very deep!!

Shout out to “Mr Retainer”!

Make sure you check out pt 1 also!

O.T. Genasis ft Busta Rhymes & French Montana – “TOUCHDOWN” remix


From the guy that gave you the song….”In Love With The CoCo”.

Legendary comedian Bill Cosby wont address rape allegations from decades ago!


These allegations are decades old and there have never been criminal charges indicting Mr. Bill Cosby.
Not saying it didnt happen or did. But it does make you wonder:

– Why so many women?
– Why so many decades per each woman?
– Why so much coverage now while he has a couple of TV shows coming out?
– For the alleged women…why did you wait if this really happened in which a criminal can continue to do to others?
– For the alleged women…was money enough (if so) back then for the violation of you and if so, is more your looking for?
– Is there something more to all of this?

Sometimes you gotta ask and find out as much as you can other questions before hand. Either way, its still not a good look for Mr. Bill Cosby!

Cocaine [Coca] farmers offered investment switch opportunities by govt to get off Americas “Black List”!


Many people dont realize that cocaine is actually a manufactured end product of coca that is a plant that is actually good for you (when used properly) used by many of the native people in the land.

But…..lets be real….its also one of the highest supply and demand crop worldwide that many farmers depend on to make a living to feed their families while the people who exploit them make BILLIONS!!

Who really wins and lose on this then??

Are “Gun Silencers” gonna be legalized in Florida soon??

gun silencer

Now yall know these will flood the streets. Always do!

San Diego, CA Rapper (Tiny Doo) faces “Long Prison Sentence” for making a…. RAP ALBUM??!! By the way…he did NO CRIME and has NO CRIMINAL RECORD!! WTF??

tiny doo

So it looks like the Prison Business is somewhat on a decrease of scouting new personnel so I guess its time to break the “Freedom Of Speech” amendment!

The guy has NO CRIMINAL RECORD and did NOT COMMIT A CRIME. But is locked up in jail for making an album.
I guess Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Lil Wayne ,Artie Lange and others who do ENTERTAINMENT should get ready to get lawyers to go to court and fight to get them out of prison once the cops come knocking.

This has got to be one of the worst cases of tax payers money and artistic peoples (for entertainment) violations ever!

Someone has to answer to this!

URL Battle Rap presents SM4: Aye Verb vs John John Da Don

aye verb

Shout out to URL and all!

BET network CANCELS 106 & Park TV show! WOW!!


Yes people….the end has come for 106 & Park. From the originators like Free & AJ, to people like Bow Wow (Shad Moss) and others…they cut the show for the youth (agree or even disagree for some). Dont know if they will bring a new type of show for that type of demographic.

Good run though!

BET claims they are just gonna go digital.

Shout out to the good people there!

R.I.P. to Reggae singing legend “John Holt”!

John Holt

Some of you may not know is name as much. But if ever listened real old school reggae music..you definitely heard of this man’s music!

Blessings to the family and friends of Mr. John Holt!


Kendrick Lamar-I(Official Video)

Check the Isley Brothers sample.Special appearance by Ron Isley aka Mr.Biggs