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Archives for December 2014

Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”!!!


Shout out to New Jersey!!

Web series: “Money & Violence”!!! [trailer]

money violence

Shout out to the entire crew of “Money & Violence”!

You all did a great job and we see and appreciate you all!

Kaylow – “Nothing Better”!!! [Nice track}


Shout out to all my Soulful House music lovers around the world!!

Shout out to the African Massive!!

Former WWE wrestler “Kevin Nash” in jail for bloody brawl with son!

kevin nash

Kevin Nash son is lucky the “N.W.O.” (with the leader Hulk Hogan/ Hollywood Hogan) and the “Kliq” didnt suplex him off the top ropes!!

He went into jail with his son and got out of jail just in time to open his presents for Christmas!

Must have had that “Get Out Of Jail Free” card from Monopoly huh???


Super rich Russians are fleeing to the UK and buying up massive property in record numbers due to possible World War III in Russia! WOW!

Lifestyle russians

How many people can the UK even hold????

Despite the EU brokering a deal with to give gas for this harsh winter in Europe…Gas tap can still be..GONE in the Ukraine from Russia due to billion dollar debt they owe! All this can lead to a possible World War III!!!

gas deal

Many families could be found frozen dead if Ukraine falls back on their deal with Russia they are already behind!

New dancehall reggae artist “Gully Bop” performing at “STING 2014” in Jamaica!

Gully-Bop sting

Gully Bop had Sting festival going nuts for dancehall music lovers!

New dancehall sensation right off the streets of Jamaica. Introducing…..”Gully Bop”!!

Gully Bop

This guy got the whole reggae/ soca dancehall scene going nuts!!!!

Redman ft DJ Quik (production) – “Pacific To Atlantic” Remix!! [Tuff Track]


Shout out to Redman & DJ Quik!

Woman finds Nazi Swastika symbols sold on….WRAPPING PAPER in…..”Walgreens” and other stores!!

walgreens nazi paper

Think this is trending??

Across another state at a Dollar store, look what this woman found too!

There are alot of Nazi items sold in these huge department corporations. Aren’t some of these corporations owned/ run by the same people it directly affected??

If so, should they be accountable for being against its own community??

Or should we not be upset at all and look at it as a greeting since the Nazi symbol was actually taken from Buddhist religion/ culture CENTURIES before the Nazi’s which stands for “Good Luck”??

Funny how things actually gets….FLIPPED and never told its truth!

china swastika