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Archives for December 2014

Converse suing 31 companies over “Chuck Taylor” knockoffs!!!


Chuck Taylors are probably the most iconic sneaker ever made!

“Marry Your Cousin, But Watch Out For Mongoloid Kids”, says religious televangelist “Pat Robertson”???? WTF??

Pat Rob

I think I will rather go outside the family on this one!!


Vybez Kartel ex manager “Corey Todd” shot in attempted murder in Jamaica!

corey todd

NYPD PBA chief “Pat Lynch” and crew rally’s petition to keep mayor “Bill De Blasio” away from NYPD funerals!

cop pba

Dont think many people alive could ever remember something like this ever happening in New York. This may even be the start of a Civil War within the justice system!

This was gonna eventually happen sooner or later with the history of so much going on.

True colors eventually shine when stuff hits the fan!

NYPD officers TURN THEIR BACKS to Mayor DeBlasio during press conference of 2 officers killed! WOW!

mayor diblasio

Do you feel this is a huge form of disrespect??

If so, disrespectful to which side?

2 NYC Police Officers killed in Brooklyn NY by suspected social media gunman! [Condolences to the family]!!


Condolences and blessings to the families that will have to go through this loss ESPECIALLY during this holiday season!

Ghostface Killah-Love Don’t Live Here No More(ft. Kandace Spring) Video

Ghostface Love Don

Offical Video: I Feel You – Chris Rivers Ft. Jose V

dtailed films Danny Garcia

“The Bill Cosby Show 2014” part 1: by comedian “Aries Spears”! [Hilarious]!

bill cosby

Shout out to Aries Spears for his hilarious comedy!

“The Bill Cosby 2014” show part 2: by comedian “Aries Spears”!!! [Pudding Pop Stalker]

bill cosby

Aries Spears is hilarious!