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Archives for June 2015

Serious – Anthem {Official Music Video}


Female Rapper “Serious” (@Serious_VoiceNY) boldly declares that closed doors and disappointments will not stop her. A genre that only promotes light skinned, scantily clad women, will not stop her either. If you’ve ever experienced any kind of hurt you should not stop too. HERE GO YOUR ANTHEM! Watch the video, listen to the lyrics and let it encourage.

Conan ft Berri-Life aka 950 Plus – “4 In The Morning”!


Shout out to Conan, Berri Life, DJ D Prizy, Shampoo and the whole YNVS movement!

Shout out to the BRONX NY!

Mother drives daughter from Maryland to NY for “Booty Injections”, then daughter dies from procedures,,,,,now mother makes a “Go Fund Me” page for funeral??!!

booty girl

I wonder how the girl father and or family feel about the mother escorting her to a “Death Pit” in a basement just to have a bigger butt which materialistic people would look at then leave after a while??

Truth be told….it doesnt keep the person your with or want!!

Love yourself!!!

Vivian Green – “Get Right Back To My Baby”! [Groovy]


Shout out to Vivian Green and shout out to Kwame!

Rapper/ singer “Akon” gives “LIGHT” to Africa!!!



Run The Jewels (El P & Killer Mike) – “Lie Cheat Steal”!


Killer Mike – “Ric Flair”!!! OFFICIAL VIDEO [So Dope]


Great job!!

Shout out to Ric Flair for being one of the greatest wrestlers and trash talker EVER!!!

Paramore – “Aint It Fun”!!! [Nice Track]

Jory Lee Cordy Photography

Jory Lee Cordy Photography

Nice track thats groovy!

Leon Bridges – “Better Man”!!! [Music Video]


The essence!!!

Fox news veteran anchor “Bill O’Reilly” accused of…. “Domestic Violence” of mother of his kids! The…”DAUGHTER” claims Billy went to TOWN on the mother!! WOW!!!


The …..“O’Reilly Factor”!!!