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Did Manny Pacquiao’s mom (Dionisia) put a “CURSE” on boxer Timothy Bradley during the boxing match..and then take the “CURSE” off after???

momma pac

Dont really see too many parents running to get into the ring to grab and hold and do “HAND SIGNS” to the other fighter especially if there was never any crazy trash talk to reconcile from.

Look at this video right here and tell me if it doesnt look like Manny Pacquiao’s mom…UNLOCK the CURSE she put on Timothy Bradley! Look closely at 2:57 minutes into the video and see how shes holding Bradley and staring him in his eyes and then she does some “EXTRA SIGN LANGUAGE” with her hands on Bradley!!!

momma pac bradley

Many people that saw the fight were saying how it looked like Bradley just didnt seem like he wanted to really fight after a while. Was even told that his training corner was yelling at him wondering…“Whats Wrong”??!! Almost like Bradley was in some other type of world or something.

May have to ban old ladies from the boxing matches now. Or give them “CURSE OPPONENTS” to battle them during the fight.


Ha ha…

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