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Dumb Groupie Gets Arrested After Leaving Her 3 & 5 Year Old Kids In Car Free to Roam A Crazy Parking Lot For Backstage Passes To Lil Wayne Concert & To Meet T.I. & Tiny Harris! Mother-Hood!!!

Taking a page out of the Diary of Deadbeat Mothers, another young lady has found herself on the wrong side of the law after she left two of her three children in the back of a car to attend last night’s Lil Wayne & T.I. concert.

Authorities say Brittany Harris (@iamprettyred on Twitter) left two children, ages 5 and 3, in the parking lot of the Cruzan Amphitheater while she attended the America’s Most Wanted concert on Sunday night.


An employee of Cruzan says that he saw the two children in the parking lot around 7 p.m.

At 9:45 p.m. he spoke with the children and learned that Harris left them to stay in a car unsupervised. The children were brought to PBSO deputies at the north end of the concert.

Deputies caught up with Harris when she left the concert and went to the parking lot. Harris, according to investigators, denied bringing her children but later admitted that she left them in car so she could go to the concert.

Harris according to PBSO ways arrested on two counts of child neglect.

Deputies say that the kids were allowed to roam a busy parking lot with an estimated 9,000 people, numerous vehicles and intoxicated patrons.

To my knowledge the young lady has THREE kids but does not live with the oldest one. What was she doing at that concert that was so important she couldn’t find a baby sitter for her kids? Clearly she was trying to get chose and it looks like she did…..chose by the police.

PBSO the Department of Families and Children has taken custody of Harris’s children. It kills me that these women have children and instead of being a mother, they allow a lifestyle to come before their responsibilities. I feel sorry for these babies and the trash a** young lady they have to call mom.

Update: So there is MORE! Apparently Brittany went to the show to meet up with Tiny. Loyal BA readers sent in screenshots of text messages she posted on her Facebook.

Oh girl, so putting on a front for Facebook and Twitter was THAT important that your children didn’t deserve the common courtesy of you hiring a baby sitter to watch them? You wanted to be backstage THAT bad? Oh chile….

Do you all think she should get her children BACK???

Men: Be careful who you impregnate. Cant trust a big butt and a smile….!!


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