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Female (“Ashley Depew”) gets caught in her LIE about “Black Guys” in St. Louis, MO beating her up due the “Knock Out Game”! It was really her…BOYFRIEND that beat her up!!! Charges being made on her!

knock out game liar

So little Ms. Ashley Depew got the whole city on her side in the beginning AND probably even stirred up racial tensions in not just St. Louis, MO but throughout the world virally after putting the pic up of herself in the hospital claiming to need reconstructive facial surgery due to being attacked by….“Black Guys” for reason of this…“Knock Out Game” thing that people love to use as a default term which is really just being attacked….IF EVEN SO!

Come to find out it was her…BOYFRIEND that gave her that “Iron Mike Tyson Special”!

Hmm… Wonder if shes related to the woman who blamed…“Black Guys” for stealing her car and kids and drowning them in a lake years ago which was an INSANE lie as well??

Sad thing that there are REAL people who are getting attacked or such and have to prove such things and at times get no justice and may be looked upon as liars now due to Ashley Depew. Even the bar her and her boyfriend were at are getting backlash like they have weirdos attacking people at their establishment which steers customers away in fear of getting attacked. So that bars business can hurt now because of this whole incident that was really a lie.

Can you really feel sorry for a female like this?

Should she go to jail?

Were there any young black men that were harassed and or beaten by cops or such that night due to this lie??

What do YOU think??

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