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Long Island City (Queens) NYC historic graffiti outdoor visual art MECCA site “5 POINTZ” facing demolition within months!!


The battle is on for the preservation of the graffiti outdoor visual art MECCA site to keep from facing demolition from the buildings owner(s).

Since 1993, “5-Pointz” has been the BIGGEST and only LEGAL aerosol paint graffiti spot in the world located in Long Island City (Queens) NYC where artist from all over the world come to to express their classic artwork and skills.

Now, early 2014 the building owner(s) are deciding to to tear it down and put up 2 condo buildings in order to grow along with todays real estate economy. The owner(s) owned it since the 1970’s and never really gave permission for graffiti work to be on it, but never stressed it because there was never really a crime situation there, attracted many people from all over the world to work there, tourism and culture.

Sad days are coming for all graffiti and arts & culture lovers from all around the world!

How do you feel about this?
Do you feel the owner(s) are wrong for what they are about to do or not?

Speak Your Mind