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Miss Universe 2015 competition erupts with….BOO’S in the crowd feeling that Miss Jamaica should have won instead of Ms. Colombia!!! WOW!! Was it justified???

miss universe

Never has this pageant been flooded with so much boo’s from not just the audience but from massive social media people!
Many people feel that Miss Jamaica (Kaci Fennell)was robbed because of a list of things (being from Jamaica, saluting Bob Marley, and….her short haircut ).
Miss Colombia (Paulina Vega) deserves her “Shout Out” since she won. She is beautiful and did a great job. Miss Jamaica really looked like she came with that fire, beauty and style that many couldnt come close to matching.

There can only be one winner. But its clear that being the 5th one to go and most likely not winning was something more!

After watching this, take a look at an independent film titled “Miss Bala” and see how many of these women from latin countries get picked/ chosen and overall end up after pageants like this. Very eye opening!

Shout out to them all!

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