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Mos Def undergoes force-feeding to call attention to treatment of hunger-strikers at Guantanamo Bay

WASHINGTON – Yasiin Bey, the actor and activist formerly known as Mos Def, submitted to the type of force-feeding imposed on hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay — and it wasn’t pretty.
The Brooklyn-born entertainer joined with the human rights group Reprieve to demonstrate what the hunger strikers are enduring at the U.S. military lockup. The demonstration was videotaped and posted online Monday.
In the graphic footage, Bey, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, writhes in his restraints, then wretches and coughs as a feeding tube is inserted up his nose and down into his stomach.
When the tube comes out and is about to be re-inserted, Bey pleads for those administering the feeding to stop and partially breaks free from his restraint.


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