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NBA hall of famer “Dr. J” says his out of wed-lock daughter “Alexandria Stevenson”(tennis athlete) only came about because her mom (Samantha Stevenson) couldnt give ORAL SEX that day due to BRACES!! WOW!

dr j and daughter pic

Hall of Fame NBA icon “Dr. J” pka Julias Erving is coming out with an autobiography stating that his daughter outside of his known family “Alexandria Stevenson” (a tennis player) was only conceived because her mother “Samantha Stevenson” (a long time sports reporter) got BRACES that time and couldnt give him ORAL SEX like she “usually” does. Which led to Dr. J & “Samantha Stevenson” to have vaginal sex which led to Alexandria Stevenson!


Is that grimey…or just a man keeping it 100%??

Is the mother grimey as well??

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