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Netflix criticized for secret and heavy-handed cropping of movies which can even leave characters off screen


Film streaming website Netflix has been criticized for secretly cropping its movies – with viewers often not seeing half of the original scenes.

Popular films such as Planet of the Apes, Prometheus and Inglorious Bastards are being cropped with entire characters often missing in the Netflix versions.

Film fans have been left particularly angered because the popular streaming service does not inform them that films have been altered.

Film critics say the cropping occurs because Netflix prefers to show wider-screen films.

But in order to make these films fit the viewer’s screens, the company crops out sections of the original.

But film fans and critics have been left angered because they are not told about it.

Many older films which have been modified feature this disclaimer before the start of a movie.

‘This film has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit this screen.’

Flavorwire’s film critic Jason Bailey said he was unhappy at the cropping: ‘The framing choices made by a director and cinematographer are important.

‘You don’t go around chopping off the tops of paintings so they fit in the frames you’ve got lying around, and you don’t go around slicing off the edges of movies so you don’t have to deal with letterboxing.

‘And if Netflix is going to insist on doing so, they should at least have the courtesy to tell us they’re monkeying with their merchandise.’

Netflix has 27 million Internet video subscribers in the U.S. with 6 million customers in more than 50 other countries and territories.

The company has not yet responded to a request for a comment.

article credit: dailymail.co.uk


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