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Nevada rancher “Cliven Bundy” and armed “Cattle Militia” BACKS DOWN govt police/ BLM on a “Cattle Standoff”!! Now you know if these people were……

cliven bundy

Some people call him a hero, racist, some people call him a freeloader mooching off of the land and not paying taxes.

But what you sure cant call him is BLACK or being from elsewhere than…”Bunkerville, Nevada” cause if he was….. HIM AND HIS WHOLE CREW WOULD HAVE BEEN SHOT DOWN, THROWN IN JAIL OR DEAD!!

This guy has militias coming into town with guns to protect him have come out saying they are ready for bloodshed in a gun battle with the govt.

In these times…where in the U.S.A. would they get away with doing that, get coverage from mainstream media like its a great and remarkable story thats kind hearted and or just live to tell about it??

What are YOUR thoughts????

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