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New Mexico police officer “Elias Montoya”, FIRED from his job after SHOOTING at a mini van full of…KIDS!!! See the whole story!

cop fired

After a very weird traffic stop in New Mexico on Oct 28, 2013, it seemed like a mother and her 5 kids driving in a mini van was going to get a speeding ticket from one officer that pulled them over. The officer did tell the mother to turn off her engine and sit tight. Whether the mother heard him say that or not since he was on the opposite side of where most cops are that stop you and dont let you go is something that she WILL have to answer to!

She takes off and the cop stops her again and gives her…“THE BUSINESS” (in which you cant really be mad at him for doing so)!

Did it have to go down like that at all…. ehh… I dont really think so. BUT…. the officer doesnt seem in the wrong..FOR NOW!!

Then all hell broke loose in which the near end result leads to back up officer “Elias Montoya” sending SEVERAL SHOTS INTO AN UN-ARMED MINIVAN FULL OF KIDS!!! WTF???

elias montoya fired


Was a shot even needed especially if there are no shots fired back or even in the beginning from the minivan?

Do you think the ex officer Elias Montoya should have been fired?

Do you think disciplinary actions should be taken upon the other officers for bashing out the windows of kids?

Do you think the mother should be charged and if so, what charge?

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