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New York City to effectively BAN McDonald’s

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 8.20.31 PM

If you’re looking to score a Big Mac in New York, you might be out of luck. New regulations proposed in New York would effectively ban McDonald’s from the city.

You may remember not long ago there was an attempt to ban certain sizes of sodas, but ultimately the ban was ruled unconstitutional. Now there is a new approach to safety measures in the Big Apple.

Citing the argument that the food from McDonald’s is just as dangerous if not worse for your health than many illegal drugs, officials are moving to place many of the items on the fast food restaurant’s menu on the prohibited substances list.

The new scheduling of what officials are calling dangerous substances which they claim lead to crime and death, effectively makes it illegal for McDonald’s to operate within the city unless they drastically revamp their menu.

City officials largely refused comment when asked about the effectiveness of such a ban, stating only that “if you peddle dangerous substances in this city, you will prosecuted. The freedom of people to be healthy trumps your right to sell a product.”


Article Credit: TribuneHeraldNews



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