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North Carolina cop charged with killing an “Un-Armed” Florida A& M University football player looking for help after “HIS” car accident!!!!

killer cop

CMPD Police officer Randall Kerrick was charged with voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of 24 year old Florida A&M university college football player Jon Ferrell on the night/ early morning of September 15 2013 riddling his body with several bullets!

Jon Ferrell escaped a deadly car accident which left his car mangled in the woods of Charlotte-Mecklenberg North Carolina and went to a nearby house seeking help (like anyone would do in that position especially escaping death). After knocking on a nearby house door for help, the woman home got…”scared” so she called the police of a “suspicious man in her neighborhood/ by her house“.

Officers of the CMPD came to the “rescue” and claim that the “unarmed” young man was running towards them which ended with Officer Randall Kerrick fatally shooting Jon Ferrell.

After a swift internal investigation the CMPD arrested Officer Randall Kerrick and charged him with voluntary manslaughter due to “Excessive Force” used on death of victim Jon Ferrell.

Anytime an investigation is done that quickly and they charge their own with “voluntary manslaughter“…it makes you wonder was it really something more than that bringing a higher criminal charge???

Condolences to the family and friends of Jon Ferrell!

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