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NY Detective says……. “DONT TALK TO COPS”!!!!! Must see and pass on!!

Carlton DT

If YOU know better…YOU do better!!!

Big shout out to “TruthSquad“!!


  1. Thank you!

  2. Danny Moeales says:

    I have a question and would like get some info on a few things I’m dealing with on a case I have is there a number that I can call an speak with someone for better direction?

  3. Michael Koryciak says:

    I would like to receive your book. I am located at 5317 S.Bayliner Pt.,Homosassa,Florida 34446

  4. how do we get the book by the retired detective?

  5. Wayne pennington says:

    In Philadelphia there dealers officers on drug test force under Investigation for Betting alleged drug dealers taking money and or drugs unreported. The first of the month there’s always a police officer sitting in a car watching the bank atm so I thought. One officer has been arrested In which was black. I want to know why the White officers are swept under the carpet?

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