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NYC veteran radio personality “Angie Martinez” RESIGNS from WQHT HOT 97 and goes to the rival radio station.. POWER 105.1FM!!!! WOW!!!


Do you feel Angie Martinez is right to make the move??

Do you think she is disloyal??

Do you even think she is not giving room for aspiring radio personalities to grow and get positions in radio in which they trained for and or spent thousands of dollars in school tuition, graduated and STILL cant find a job??

Is this the EXTREME nail in the coffin for HOT 97 FM??

Theres ALOT of things being shaken up in NY radio AND syndicated markets!!



  1. WOW…what happened. I think you would make the right move that would benefit yourself which is the most important thing. after all Angie Martinez was loyal to Hot 97 for about 25 years right. i think change is good and even tho there is rivalry between both Hot 97 and Power 105 its still a good move. i dont think Hot 97 is done for, i think someone else will fill that spot and Angie will be a good addition to Power 105 …Change is good

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