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NYPD in Times Square 42nd st NYC having target practice on an “Un-Armed” mentally disturbed man in the middle of the street and end up shooting 2 older “INNOCENT BYSTANDERS” (women)! Need a new gun range instructor!!!

Bystander shot by cops

Late night of Sept 15, 2013 the NYPD Times Square police in NYC are looking like they never even heard of a firing range and dont know what the word “Target” means in the term “Target Practice”!

Granted it was a horrible predicament to be in and adrenaline is pumping for some of the police. But two innocent bystanders were shot due to those police officers clearly missing their “target”. Its said that the mentally ill man may have been hit once. But even once bullet missing him is too many which could have led to those innocent bystanders dying. You could have been having coffee in a store and get shot by a stray bullet, not by a street thug but by one of those police officers way off “target”. How could you tell the family of the wounded or dead that story??

Should those cops who fired be applauded for their work that night?

Should those cops who fired and their co workers should have just rushed him with sticks to subdue the mentally ill man?

Should those cops who fired be charged with disorderly conduct and the shooting for the victims and hysteria?

Should those cops who fired be relieved of their badge?

These are questions people who are honest with themselves should ask. Because if that was your parents that got shot or even worse your children, nieces, nephews, etc, would you really be calm about this? Especially if children died!

20 cops on one “Un-Armed” man who was trying to run away (caught on tape)… Even the Hulk would have problems with that many cops!


  1. Leonard Samson says:

    This article is so full of shit. “Even the Hulk would have problems with that many cops!” Do you even know anything about the Hulk?

  2. Wounding one in the leg, grazing the butt of another.

    Clearly, the cops need to be more like the human pieces of fecal matter in bed sty and east new York who turn the heads of nearby two-year-olds into blood smears.

    Can’t mess with success though, amirite?

    Kev, go fuck yourself.

  3. @J Clark

    I will do what you ask sir. Just please tell your mother to bring her mouth wash sir.
    Bless her heart twice!

  4. @Leonard Samson

    Yeah, the “Grey Hulk” would have problem with that many cops. If you know about the hulk (not just from movies under a decade ago) then you would understand sir. Now with you knowing that do your research and get back at me!


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