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NYPD PBA chief “Pat Lynch” and crew rally’s petition to keep mayor “Bill De Blasio” away from NYPD funerals!

cop pba

Dont think many people alive could ever remember something like this ever happening in New York. This may even be the start of a Civil War within the justice system!

This was gonna eventually happen sooner or later with the history of so much going on.

True colors eventually shine when stuff hits the fan!


  1. mary mikowski says:

    I would like to sign the petition to get rid of the mayor and his buddy al as a wife of a retired police officer and a mom of police officers and a motherinlaw of 2offercers I am sick of worrylng about them every night watch the news and see who is commiting the crimes if al ad his people are out walking the streets who t at home doing homework with their kids making them dinner and how are they getting up f for work if they do this is terrible since most officers are working 2 jobs taxes are high and so are welfare rolls thanks for mr lynch for sticking up for my boys keep up the good work god bless

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