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Petite woman beaten by cops for DUI in Tallahassee FL caught on tape! Broken EYEBONE, CHEEK, JAW & more and more! May be graphic (8 minutes in)!


44 year old petite woman “Christina West” was driving and crashed her car while intoxicated into a house in Tallahassee Florida back in August 10th. Luckily no body was hurt at all!

Footage surfaced from the cops patrol car how the woman was given a sobriety test in which they felt she failed so they begun the procedure of doing the proper paperwork to charge her as she sits in the patrol car. No problem at all. She’s then asked to step out of the patrol car in which she’s trying to plead her case to the cops on site to “please leave out my babyseat for my husband since we only have one car so he can use it for their baby”. She knew that the car was gonna be impounded and just wanted a simple item for a child to left out for her husband to take. Thats when ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE AND THE POLICE GOT FED UP!!

They took this woman (criminal or not) and gave her some moves to make Hulk Hogan feel proud of his days back in the WWF
(Shout out to all the Hulkamanic’s)!

She “Christina West” is screaming that she is hurt and she thinks her cheeck bone is broken and how these two cops who are the size of NFL linebackers are hurting this 5’2″ petite woman.

This all takes up heavy around 7 and a half minutes into the video.

This may be seen as graphic so please be advised!


  1. Really Kev?

    You hyped that it was the next Rodney King video.

    I mean if the polo are doing something, it must be a criminal act. Amirite??????????

    2 tips for Mrs West. 1] Call a cab next time. 2] when the PD says put your hands behind your back, save yourself an ass whooping and do it.

  2. Bastards.It took a whole army of police to contain a citizen.You mean these cops had nothing better to do.What is the matter with these cops…are they a gang of criminals with a badge….it def.looks that way to me.I hope they rot in hell….

  3. @J Clark

    Ha ha… Will keep those tips of yours in mind sir.

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