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Rapper Nipsey Hussle and brother harassed by the LAPD over Trayvon Martin rally!


A peaceful ( or at least semi) rally for the Trayvon Martin killing verdict of NOT GUILTY for George Zimmerman 2 days ago located at Leimert Park in Los Angeles California, cops ran up on and arrested rapper Nipsey Hussle because they suspected him of brandishing a weapon during the rally. Nipsey Hussle was handcuffed and search him, yet the LAPD found NOTHING!!

He was eventually let go but it is believed that his brother was harassed even worse.
Must be just another day in sunny LA!

Wonder if they really saw a weapon on Nipsey Hussle or is it that they know that he is Rollin 60’s Crip so they wanna make sure they commend their famous LAPD “Gang Injunctions”??
Wonder if it was the same cops who stopped Cuba Gooding Jr. & Morris Chestnut in the movie “Boyz N The Hood”??

You cant even stand around next to your brother for a smoke break in LA without the cops jumping out on you locking you.
For real!!

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