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Suspects go on wild spending spree following heist inspired by ‘The Town’


Accused trio, who wore masks similar to those worn by the robbers in the Ben Affleck flick, shopped at Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton

The masked trio accused of making away with $200,000 from a heist of a Pay-O-Matic store in Queens celebrated their caper by going on spending sprees for luxury goods in Manhattan, Las Vegas and Beverly Hills.

On Thursday, at the trial of the accused robbers in Brooklyn Federal Court, a parade of representatives from Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Louis Vuitton identified the paper trail of cash receipts from the splurges.

Judge Raymond Dearie seemed stunned to learn a pair of Louboutin designer shoes can run as high as $7,000.


A surveillance camera image of one of the masked crooks during the Queens caper.

“Do they ever go on sale?” Dearie asked.

Reputed mastermind Edward Byam — who purchased the Hollywood-film-quality latex masks that authorities said allowed the black suspects to storm into the Pay-O-Matic looking like white crooks — certainly lived up to his nickname.

He goes by “C.R.E.A.M.,” an acronym from a Wu Tang Clan song that means “Cash Rules Everything Around Me.”


Two other members of the trio in action.

Authorities say Byam sprung for a $535 belt and $615 sneakers from Louis Vuitton for his girlfriend, while alleged accomplice Akeem Montsalvatge treated himself to $1,650 “rollerboy spike” Louboutins.

Two days after the Valentine’s Day 2010 heist in Queens, Montsalvatge’s girlfriend was paying cash on the barrel at Louis Vuitton for a $620 handbag and $665 loafers.

Co-defendant Derrick Dunkley shelled out more than $1,500 for two pairs of sneakers from Louis Vuitton, authorities said. They also dropped more than $10,000 for Gucci luggage.


The target: a Pay-O-Matic store in Rosedale, Queens.

Byam, Montsalvatge and Dunkley were the only three people in the courtroom who weren’t smiling when Assistant U.S. Attorney Tiana Demas asked the maker of an exact replica of the “Mac the Guy” silicon mask that Byam purchased to pull it over his head for the jury to see.

Composite Effects president Wes Branton said Byam paid $1,794 for three masks in November 2011, then sent him an email later praising the high quality of the company’s work, which made the robbers look like the characters from the robbery movie “The Town.”

The robbers were also wearing fake NYPD raid jackets and badges when they invaded the check cashing store in Rosedale.

Article Credit: nydailynews.com





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