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The 10 Best Redesigned NFL Logos


We decided to pick our ten favorite reinterpretations and present them next to their current iterations. These are the ten best. Click here to see all: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2013/09/23/the-10-best-reworked-nfl-logos/

During the offseason, graphic desinger Max O’Brien decided to apply his artistic skills to the world of the NFL by completely redesigning the logos of the 32 franchises that make up the National Football League. In commenting about the process on his own blog O’Brien states, “I’ve been a fan of the NFL since ‘06 (I’m not from the States) and the aesthetics have always been one of the sport’s drawcards for me. But as I’m pretty sure is the case with most people who call themselves designers, no matter what we see out there, we always think we can do a better job. NFL logos are a funny business. Some have remained the same for generations while others change regularly, but for the most part the underlying theme of the team has stayed the same for all. Not just in name but in the visuals. There are many teams in the NFL with good logos, strong visually that have stood the test of time and through the many changing visual trends over the years. There are also a lot of really crap ones. But every logo has a history and a fan base that clings to it. When I approach design, I rarely design purely for myself; the catalyst may be of my own ambitions but in the end I design for other people. I get joy out of delighting others with what I create. With that in mind, I set myself parameters for this challenge based on the target audience. Or rather audiences. 32 different teams, 32 different sets of fans, 32 themes, 32 personalities, 32 stories and 32 lines of history. 32 different cities and landmarks. 32 different names.”



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