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INDIE FEST correct

Video Music Box’s executive producer Ralph McDaniels and Gton Prod. have
created the “TURNT UP INDIE MUSIC FESTIVAL” for up & coming music artist from the all over to be showcased in Nassau County.

“TURNT UP” is a opportunity for local Long Island artist to host an event in there home town for the rest of the world to experience .

It also a chance for artist from around the world to perform on the Island.

In the spirit of so many successful Long Island artist we hope to find the next big thing and get it “TURNT UP”.

TURNT UP” highlights will air on Video Music Box on WNYC TV Ch.25 & VIDEOMUSICBOX.TV

Ralph McDaniels say’s,”These artist through there music,style and words have the chance to change the world and that’s exciting”.


  1. This is video music box what I grew up on Ralph McDaniels never gave up on music….now look.

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