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YMCMB president “Mack Maine” turns himself into the Oklahoma City police for “allegedly” sexually assaulting a woman and breaking the jaw of another woman while on the “Americas Most Wanted” tour!!!


During the “Americas Most Wanted” music tour featuring T.I., 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, and a few others back in August 22, 2013 two females (Rachel Reed and Cailey Maddox) were invited on the tour bus of the artists by YMCMB president “Mack Maine”.

While on the tour bus one of the females claimed that Mack Maine groped her sexual body parts without her consent and proceeded to sexually assaulted her. Her friend which was the other female ended up with Mack Maine punching her in the face breaking her jaw leaving her now with her jaw wired shut!

Of course all these accusations are “alleged” so now this will most likely go to trial (if they settle) and can get very ugly!

YMCMB president “Mack Maine” turned himself into the Oklahoma City, OK sheriff’s Office on Fri September 20, 13.
Mack Maine is facing the following FELONY charges:

Sexual Assault charge(s)

Sexual Assault & Battery Charge(s)

With charges like this, being a rapper like that…. Whether he did it or not, its not looking good either way!

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